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M.A. Autocool Ltd covers east anglia specialising in servicing and repair of air conditioning systems throughout a wide variety of vehicles. We also cover auxiliary diesel heaters such as Webasto, Eberspacher and Mikuni which provide heat for either air or water systems throughout many applications. Our engineers have in excess of 20 years experiences in these fields to bring you a high level of service from fully equipped and stocked vehicles. We are proud to be a main dealer for both Webasto and Eberspacher which allows us to cater for most enquiries. We also offer a full parts supply to cover many systems for air conditioning and heating.

Areas we Service


Air Conditioning and heating for specialist use vehicles,including Emergency Services, Motor Homes, Security and Military to name a few.


Alongside our association with Anglia Farmers, this sector covers tractors, handlers, combines, sprayers, harvesters and more.


We cater for large and small operators running the likes of – Setra, Mercedes, Jonckheere, Vanhool, Scania, Neoplan, Plaxton and more.


Excavators, cranes, shovel loaders, and more


Vans, Minibuses, HGV and more

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Webasto Main Dealer

Eberspacher Main Dealer